The Big Name or Big Bucks Plan

People have been wondering what my decision regarding LSE vs. Carleton is (including a surprise inquiry from Ann Arbor, Michigan). So today, I am proud to table my Big Name or Big Bucks Plan 2011-12. Consider this The Reports on Plans and Priority for the Department of Rose.

Despite your overwhelming support for me to attend LSE (as well as a random suggestion that I go to Tatooine instead – a fictional planet in Star Wars…I suppose it’s better than hell), I decided to claim my Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the exchange spot I won at Sciences Po, thus obtaining my MA in Public Administration from Carleton by summer 2012.

  Fall Term 2011 Winter Term 2012
Code Name Big Name Big Bucks
Location Carleton University, Ottawa Sciences Po, Paris
Goal PhD application to Harvard Business School’s Business, Government and International Economy program Employment application to the global consulting firm McKinsey, specifically their public sector-focused office in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Courses Qualitative Research Methods
and Design

Law of Public Authorities

Public Service Skills

Organization Theory

Three courses from those offered in their Masters in Corporate and Public Management, Finance and Strategy, or Economic Law (which has an exchange program with Harvard Law School)
Travel Harvard University

Sept/Oct 2011

Meet prospective PhD supervisors, tour research facilities

Seville, Spain

Semana Santa Mar 30 – Apr 8, 2012

To realize a travel dream from Grade 10 Spanish class

Fun Fencing French men

So now that you know my plan for next year, you can find me…or avoid me, according to your preference. If there’s any way you could contribute to the realization of my Plan, I would very much appreciate your help!

Ready or not world, here I come!

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