My apologies to PaI followers for having been missing in action. There have been too much action in the real world for me to thoughtfully recount them in the cyber world.

It’s midterm season at MAPA. Somehow, we’re suppose to pretend that not only have we kept up with the readings, we also have intellectual comments to make about them…eight pages at a time. So between four graduate level courses, a part-time gig at the Department of Justice, researching for the Centre for Women in Politics and Public Administration, recording minutes at a plethora of Graduate Student Association committee meetings (more on that later), applying to various “things” for after graduation (more on that later) and attending my pole dancing/skating/fencing classes, I look forward to the weekend to catch up. Unfortunately, I’m not good with huge chunks of free time so my weekends usually follow the pattern of procrastination ending in Sunday night panic.

Wait, is today Sunday?


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One comment

  1. James W.J. Bowden · October 16, 2011

    I have the same problems! Particularly the tendency to procrastinate until Sunday evening.

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