My Speed

I was reading “The Way It Works – Inside Ottawa” by Eddie Goldenberg, chief of staff to former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, and the following excerpt really got me excited.

The Context: In Chapter 9 “Québec: Setting the Context”, 60% of Québeckers have voted “No” in the May 20, 1980 Québec separation referendum. The very next day, then prime minister Trudeau sent Chrétien, Minister of Justice at the time, and a small group of senior officials on a country-wide jaunt to meet the provincial premiers and “launch a new decisive round of constitutional negotiations” (as to cement the success from the previous day).

“That very afternoon, May 21, 1980, Chrétien and I and a small group of senior officials…climbed aboard a government jet with Toronto as our first stop…Despite our fatigue from the referendum campaign…we had dinner with Premier Bill Davis in Toronto, and then flew on to sleep that night in Winnipeg. The next morning we had breakfast with Premier Sterling Lyon of Manitoba, left for Regina, where we had lunch with Premier Allan Blakeney, then rushed back to the airplane to make a meeting over coffee in the afternoon with Premier Peter Lougheed in Edmonton, and finished our day with a dinner meeting in Victoria with Premier Bill Bennett. On Friday, we flew from Victoria to Charlottetown, where we met with Angus Maclean, the premier of Prince Edward Island, and then flew to Halifax, where we spent the night. On Saturday morning, we began with a meeting with John Buchanan, the premier of Nova Scotia, left for Newfoundland to have lunch with Premier Brian Peckford, and spent time in the afternoon in Fredericton with Premier Richard Hatfield. We returned late that day to Ottawa.”

*Catch your breath.

This, is how urgently I want to live my life.




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