My goal in life is to associate with engaging people, those who do what they do not because they need to do it, but because they love doing it. That passion comes through in the quality of their work and the vivaciousness of their lives.

I recently went pen shopping at Grand and Toy for something that would write as fast as I think (yes, the Penning an Image writer went pen shopping). The employee who served me was an excellent example of an engaging individual. He knew pens well, from the thickness of their tips to the way their ink sink into the paper. He took his trade seriously, even if it was only a five dollar Pilot brand pen. Chapeau!

Engaging people are often in positions of wealth and power but this is a CONSEQUENCE of them doing what they enjoy doing instead of their GOAL. Observers need to distinguish between the types of the rich and the famous as to not demean wealth-creation and legacy-building. Engaging people are to be respected. They achieved what they’ve achieved without compromising their integrity because they’d still do what they do without the money or the power they now command. People should be encouraged to surround themselves with the smartest people they could find instead of being derided for associating with those who are “worth knowing”. Such superficial judgements are counter-productive.

Engaging people are the jewels of life, their passions shine and their integrity withstand the test of time. I’d travel the world to discover them and spend my life collecting them. They are my most precious collection in life.

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